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Exhibition Works

Art and Science



Brain Fizz

Work inspired by my time as Artist in Residence at SAHMRI. Working with Neurologist - Dr Cedric Bardy and his team. Part of the Brains Trust Exhibition 2019. Supported by SALA and National Science Week Funding.


Brains Trust

Work developed during my time as SALA Artist in Residence at SAHMRI.

Blown and sculpted glass brains. Engraved lenses and 

medical trolley.

IMG_2777 copy.TIF


Anatomy Study

Examines the tension between body and medicine.

It was a finalist in the National Emerging Art Glass Prize.

I altered found objects, used skin wax and glass to explore the theme of 'anatomy'.


A measure of a

Made of altered scientific glass,  handmade glass and the Artist's fallen hair. This work reflect 3 years of time and the artists resting heart rate. The work was a finalist in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2020.

Hunter 0320 01.jpg


The Distance within

Based on the idea of the thousands of kilometres of capillaries contained in a human body. This was the centre piece of my PhD exhibition 2016.

Pate De Vere loosely translates to paste of glass.

Each of these pieces was drawn in glass paste and then fired to achieve the deep red colour.


Side by Side (Together apart)

During my research I recorded  a variety of glass making processes. I capture footage of the viscous glass expanding and contracting.

The more I watched, the more I found my breath syncing with the movement. I edit and augment the footage to reflect the mostly unconscious continuous biological process of breathing.

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