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About me...

When undertaking an undergraduate degree in Arts Management I took an elective in the Visual Arts school where I stumbled across the University glass blowing studio. Little did I know at the time that this event was to change the trajectory of my life and be the beginning of an ongoing passion for researching through creative practice.


I am a sculptor working with the body and glass. My practice revolves around understanding and challenging the cultural norms regarding the human body.


Every day I rely on my body and my senses to gain an understanding of the world in which I live.

Yet I do not always control the biological processes of my body. This discovery led me to explore the tension between my lived experience as 'a body' and medicalised or scientific understanding of “the body”.


The process of glass making relies on the synergistic relationship between my body and the glass, my body acting on the glass and then reacting to its materiality, how it shifts and changes.


I put my body as the maker at the centre of the process, investigating relationships between having and being a body. I explore my body as it often enters my perception as fragmented experience and I use the material of glass for its metaphorical power and its capacity to expose the maker’s gestures.


Through exploring the objective understanding of the body, particularly in a scientific or medicalised setting, the duality of embodiment and the role of the lived experience of being-a-body becomes apparent.

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